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Flood Insurance in Blairsville, GA

Floods are among the most common and damaging natural disasters, affecting thousands of U.S. property owners every year. Heavy rain, rising water levels in nearby lakes and rivers, and infrastructural issues can all quickly threaten property with significant flood-related damages. With these stakes in mind, responsible homeowners must take appropriate precautions, including acquiring flood insurance.

What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

As its name suggests, flood insurance is a specialized type of property coverage intended to help homeowners recoup financial losses from flood-related damages. A single inch of floodwater could wreak havoc on your home and its contents. Fortunately, most flood policies include the following pair of components: people wearing boots

  • Structures coverage can help pay to repair your home, including its foundations, walls, plumbing and electrical systems, and attached fixtures (e.g., cabinets, paneling and bookcases).
  • Contents coverage may provide financial assistance if floodwater damages or destroys a policyholder’s possessions, including furniture, electronics and clothing.

Is Flood Insurance Required?

Flood coverage is mandatory, depending on a homeowner’s unique circumstances. Generally, those with government-backed mortgages who live in high-risk flood areas are legally required to carry coverage. Even those who do not live in high-risk flood areas may be required to secure insurance by their mortgage lender. Furthermore, homeowners who reside in high-risk flood areas and have received federal disaster assistance in the past must maintain flood coverage if they wish to be considered for future aid.

Who Needs Flood Insurance?

Even those in lower-risk areas or who may not be required to purchase insurance should strongly consider doing so. The financial protection provided by an adequate policy can make all the difference as homeowners attempt to repair their homes, replace their belongings and recover financially. Those who lack coverage may not have the means to recoup flood-related losses, potentially incurring far-reaching fiscal consequences.

We’re Here to Help

At EEsquire Insurance Services of Georgia, we make it our mission to help homeowners and families in the Blairsville, GA area understand flood coverage requirements and acquire robust policies to secure their finances. Contact us today for a personalized quote or to learn more about flood insurance in Georgia.

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